Over 1,933 MiFID II Best Execution reports
from 702 investment firms & execution venues on BestExHub

BestExHub is specifically designed to
comply with the MiFID II Best Execution reporting publication requirements,
bring transparency to Best Execution Quality data, and
help firms make sense of the new Best Execution Quality data.

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Complying with Best Execution Quality Reporting publication requirements

Publish RTS 27, RTS 28 and DA 65 reports in machine-readable on dedicated BestExHub page and URL with your logo, venue service description and contact details.

Meeting the regulatory requirements:

  • Freely accessible to the public,
  • Accessibly without limitations,
  • Not hidden behind firewall,
  • No registration page,
  • Not subject to password encryption or any other restrictions, and
  • Reports in public domain for two years.

BestExHub DATA

Bringing transparency to Best Execution Quality data

Access market wide Best Execution report data on demand in ONE standardised JSON format from ONE location using the BestExHub RESTful API .

Access data from:-
  • quarterly RTS 27 ("venue execution quality") reports
  • annual RTS 28 (“top five execution venues”) reports
  • annual DA 65 (“top five brokers”) reports

Firm or execution venue not available on BestExHub yet? Send us a list of interested firms/venues with LEI/MICs, and we will add them to the prioritisation list to get them added.

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Making sense of Best Execution Quality data

Aggregated RTS 28/DA65 Best Execution reports providing insights into client, broker and competitors top five brokers and venues.

BestExHub Analysis Report

RTS 28 & DA 65 activity heatmap reports, with filtering by class of instrument and client category.

BestExHub Ranking Summary

See a snapshot of number of occurances a destination is listed as a top 5 venue or broker across both RTS 28 & DA 65.

Destination Locator

Locates appearances of a given destination across all RTS 28 & DA 65 reports.