Can you help create reports for RTS 27, RTS 28 and DA 65(6)? BestExHub PUBLICATION

Yes, BestExHub supports a combination of methods to assist firms generate their RTS 27, RTS 28 and DA 65(6). Contact us for more information.

Is there a demo of the service? BestExHub PUBLICATION

Yes. Please contact us for a fully featured live demo of our Publishing or Analysis service.

Where can I view the BestExHub API documentation? BestExHub DATA

BestExHub API is fully documented under the API tab

Can I start testing the BestExHub API? BestExHub DATA

Yes. Please contact to receieve API key to access FREE real sample RTS 28, DA 65 and RTS 27 data.

Do I need to sign an agreement to start using the BestExHub API? BestExHub DATA

No. It's free to use the BestExHub API. Just request a free API key.

What are the fees for the BestExHub PUBLICATION service? BestExHub PUBLICATION

BestExHub fees are based on a simple annual subscription fee model.

  • Firms publishing their RTS 28 ("Top 5 venue") & DA 65 ("Top 5 broker") reports on their dedicated BestExHub page free of charge
  • Venues publishing RTS 27 quarterly reports is GBP 5,000 per year.
  • What are the fees for the BestExHub DATA service? BestExHub DATA

    BestExHub fees are based on a simple annual subscription fee model.

  • Access to RTS 28/DA 65 Data is GBP 15,000 per year
  • Access to quarterly RTS 27 Data is GBP 25,000 per year.
  • What are the fees for the BestExHub ANALYSIS service? BestExHub ANALYSIS

    BestExHub fees are based on a simple annual subscription fee model.

  • Access to RTS 28/DA65 Analysis reports is GBP 25,000 per year.
  • Are the subscription fees 'per user'? BestExHub DATA BestExHub ANALYSIS

    No. BestExHub subscription fees are for the firm.

    When does BestExHub publish report data onto platform? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Publication timing is configurable per submitting firm. Reports will be published on the relevant "published by" dates as described in RTS 27, RTS 28 and associated ESMA Q & A or can be published immediately.

    Report typeInformation periodPublished By
    RTS 271 January - 31 March30 June
    1 April - 30 June30 September
    1 July - 30 September 31 December
    1 October - 31 December31 March
    RTS 281 January - 31 December30 April
    DA 65(6)1 January - 31 December30 April

    See Art. 11 of RTS 27 and Question 5 and 6 of ESMA Q & A on Investor Protection topics and for further details.

    Can I publish reports more frequently than quarterly on BestExHub? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Absolutely. BestExHub is a flexible platform enabling firms to publish their reports per the periods described by regulation, or on a more frequent basis.

    Where is your backup site? General and miscellaneous

    All production data is encrypted and securely backed up on a daily basis to a separate UK ISO 27001:2005 certified datacentre.

    Is there a minimum commitment to using BestExHub services? General and miscellaneous

    There is an initial minimum term of 12 months.

    Where are BestExHub's data centres located? General and miscellaneous

    BestExHub uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the service in UK (London) data centres.

    BestExHub chose AWS due to AWS ISO 27001 Certification and other security features, GDPR data protection readiness, as well as benefiting from a scalable infrastructure to enable BestExHub to grow the platform with our clients.

    Furthermore, AWS provides BextExHub the flexibility to add additional AWS data centres across EU locations should the need arise.

    What is the onboarding period for the publishing reports? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Start uploading files to be publihsed on your own dedicated BestExHub page within 48 hrs of signed agreement.

    I want to run my own queries against BestExHub's Data to feed into our own platform. Can I download complete datasets? BestExHub DATA

    Yes. Currently the BestExHub API allows BestExHub DATA subscribers to download full data sets, or data by trading day.

    Which asset classes does BestExHub support? BestExHub PUBLICATION BestExHub DATA BestExHub ANALYSIS

    BestExHub platform is designed to support all financial instruments in scope under RTS 27 and all 22 classes of financial instruments under RTS 28/DA65(6).

    See Art. 9 of RTS 27 and Annex I of RTS 28 for further details.

    Do you virus check files? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Yes. As files are submitted, files are virus checked prior to processing by BestExHub. Should BestExHub identify a file which contains a virus, it will not publish the report.

    What uptime commitment do you offer? Is there an SLA? BestExHub PUBLICATION BestExHub DATA BestExHub ANALYSIS

    BestExHub understands the important of providing a trusted and reliable service. The Service Level Agreement commits BestExHub to 99.8% uptime availability with service credits available to subscribers in the event of disruption.

    Can I provide our logo and contact detail to be published on our venue's dedicated BestExHub page? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Absolutely. BestExHub also allows firms to publish details of their website, contact and description of services.

    Do you have a support desk? General and miscellaneous

    Support ticket can be raised via email and responded to within the Support SLA.

    Is BestExHub GDPR compliant? General and miscellaneous

    Yes, BestExHub is GDPR compliant, and policy details are provided in the Master Service Agreement.

    What format does BestExHub publish reports? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    The Publishing service is designed to publish fully formed reports in the format of the submitting firm's choice.

    BestExHub can provide specs to help firms generate fully formed CSV files.

    See Question 8 of ESMA Q & A on Investor Protection topics for further details.

    How will the public know how to read the machine-readable reports? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Submitting firms can upload a PDF to be published on their dedicated page describing the format, structure, data elements and any assumptions for each report type to help the public read the data.

    For submitting firms who choose to use BestExHub format, BestExHub will provide a template to upload.

    NB, ESMA notes: "The readability and comprehensibility of these reports is however crucial given that their purpose is to provide the public with relevant data on execution quality."

    See Question 8 of ESMA Q & A on Investor Protection topics for further details.

    For how long will the Published reports on the BestExHub be in the public domain? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    BestExHub Published reports will be available for at least two years from publication in line with the ESMA Investor Protection Q & A.

    See Question 4 of ESMA Q & A on Investor Protection topics for further details.

    Will my Published reports be on the same page as other published reports? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    Firms subscribing to BestExHub publishing service have their own, white-labelled, dedicated BestExHub page to publish their RTS 27, RTS 28 and DA 65(6) reports.

    Firms can use URL link to reference reports from their own website.

    Are there any restrictions (passwords or firewalls) to firms accessing the published reports? BestExHub PUBLICATION

    BestExHub Publishing Service is designed to meet the requirements laid out in response to Question 8 of ESMA Q & A on Investor Protection:

    "Reports published on BestExHub will be available to the public, without any charges, and will not be placed behind a firewall, registration page or be subject to password encryption or other restrictions."

    Firms can provide a link from their own website to their dedicated BestExHub web page so the public can access the data from a firm's own website.

    Can we partner with BestExHub? General and miscellaneous

    It is important for BestExHub to remain independent and not associated with a particular execution venue, or investment firm. BestExHub will happily work all parties on a similar basis.

    I am not an investment firm or execution venue. Can I still subscribe to BestExHub DATA or BestExHub ANALYSIS service? BestExHub DATA BestExHub ANALYSIS

    Yes, BestExHub is agnostic to type of subscriber.